Contact inquiry: Appointment

The layout 'Appointment' is a contact form where the user can specify a request for an appointment, and he can upload files as well. All you have to do: create an article category with the layout 'Appointment', create a new article type 'Article, short' and connect this new article to the article category 'Appointment'. The content of the HTML-editor box appears above the contact form, like in the example below.

If you don't need the request for an appointment and the file upload feature, then you should use the layout 'Contact' for the article category (instead of 'Appointment'), which appears like a standard contact request with the fields name, email and a message. Both contact forms can be combined with reCaptcha to avoid SPAM (see next chapter).

All requests are send to an email account, which has to be configured in your zone administration in the field 'Scheduler email'.

Request for appointment:

Upload documents:

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