Create a contact banner

With the contact banner feature you can add contact information and additional information like opening hours or phone numbers very easily to your website. 

To create a contact banner go to the Content Management tab and click on 'Create workday' in the box 'Banner area'. The following control will open where you can specify opening hours for workdays, contact information like phone numbers and an optional image. Additionally it is possible to connect a contact banner to one or more article categories. That gives you the fexibility to control where the contact banner should appear on your website.



Example of a contact banner on a website

To get a better understanding how a contact banner appears on the public website here an example. The contact banner appears on the right navigation bar. It shows the contact image, opening hours for workdays and contact information like phone numbers. It is possible to combine the contact banner with advertisement banners as well, in that case the advertisement banners would appear underneath the contact banner. The example below uses the scheme 'Financial'.