List articles

Click on 'List articles' on the main page of the Content Management area. You will get a list of all articles in the system with filter, sortable columns and pagination.

In the list of the articles you can see the columns 'Owner' and 'Author'. The 'Owner' of an article is the user who created the article, the 'Author' is the user who created a new version of an article.  


As you can see in the screen above you can filter from the article list the different languages and the different article types. In the list you have the information about the state of an article, which is very important for the publishing mechanism. The CMS provides the follwong states:

  • Online: an article is only 'Online', when the article is 'Published' and the current date is inside of the publish period.
  • Not published: the editor can set an article explicitely to 'Not published'
  • Offline: The current date is not in the publish period, that means, the public period already ended in the past or will start somewhere in the future

The 'Edit'-icon leads to the version list of an article. The icon 'loupe' shows a preview and finally the click on the icon 'trash can' deletes an article.

If you would like to delete one or more articles from the list, simply click on the trash can icons and collect the articles by using the control key or shift key of the keyboard. Then click on Delete? and the selected articles will be deleted after you confirmed a message from the system:



List article versions

To get the list of all versions of an article click on the link 'All versions' in the list of articles. As a result page you get all available versions of an article.

Attention: Each time an article is edited and saved the system creates automatically a new version. As long as you work in the edit modus and the article is autosaved, only the first 'autosave'-operation creates a new version. The system uses always the information of the signed-in user and set his name in the field of the author:


For publishing an article you only have to choose the version you would like to publish and click on the 'publish'-icon. Only one version at the same time can be published: