Article categories

The concept of the categories is very powerful in Tiny Marbles CMS. Firstly, articles can be clearly arranged according to different categories, which you can create and edit at your own request. Secondly, it is possible to organize the categories as a tree and therefore the categories are used for a navigation concept of the website. In this case each category name would appear as a navigation point in the website navigation. Thirdly: categories can handle various layouts. 

When a new zone is created, some basic article categories are created from the system automatically as well. Some of these article categories can be changed and moved, and some 'system article categories' cannot be moved and their systemId is disabled and cannot be changed (read only). In the screen below you can recognize the 'system article categories' very easily, because they are marked red: 


Furthermore you can see two very important 'system article categories': The 'Top menu' and the 'Main menu'. All article categories underneath the node 'Top menu' appear in the top navigation, all article categories underneath the node 'Main menu' in the main navigation of the public view of the website. The top navigation provide in all website schemes only one level, the available levels of the main menu depends on the scheme of the website.


Create a new article category

In order to create a new category go to the main page of the Content Management area and click on 'Create category'. In this control you can specify the name in all languages of the CMS. Out of the box Tiny Marbles provides English and German, but other languages can be set up easily at configuration time.

First you should choose a layout to determine which look & feel the new article will have. Leave the field 'System ID' empty, you only need this value if you intend to use a specific system ID for the development. 'Show empty' defines whether the category appears always or only if there are connected article in this category. Leave it blank, but maybe for testing purposes sometimes it is necessary to show a category although no article is written for this category yet.

For each article category you can set a specific icon, main image or background from the image library (you have to upload these images to the image library of the CMS first). This feature is very powerful in case you intend to set a specific icon or for instance a specific background image related to the choosen article category in the public view part of the website.

Attention: Not all website schemes are using the article category images, get more information about that in chapter ...



Managing article categories

A new category appears after saving at the bottom of the tree branch. After saving go to 'Category hierarchy' and move the new category to the right context. You can 'drag/drop' categories to set up the category tree to your choice. Some elements are greyed out when a category is dragged, because you cannot move a category to its own child or parent. And some article categories are red because they are 'system article categories', you cannot drag/drop them either.




To edit an article category choose the category in the tree and click on 'Mangage Category' (it appears when you move the mouse over the article category name in the tree). You can add or delete articles, you can rename the category, you can create sub categories and you can delete the category. When you click on 'Add article' the following control pops up:


Simply click on one or more articles you would like to add to the category and close the control. Don't forget to save the article category.