People behind Tiny Marbles CMS

The system "Tiny Marbles CMS" has already a long history. It all began in the year 2003 when we started with some developers to set up a catalog engine. At that time we all worked for a small software company near Cologne. The name of the original library was jCart.

After using jCart it turned out, that jCart was fast and reliable, but not flexible. The idea of 'Tiny Marbles' based on dynamic models with flexible attributes was born. The first library with the name 'Tiny Marbles' in 2006 in fact couldn't do much more than storing dynamic Java objects in a relational database. The idea was brilliant, but the first release especially combined with a transactinal database was very slow. At the same time we also provided a set of libraries like search, authorisation and a user management system. We stopped the idea of the dynamic Java objects container, and in 2008 we repacked everything again. We used Hibernate for storing the data, and the name 'Tiny Marbles CMS' was used not only for a single library, but for the complete content- and website management system. Finally in 2011 we published the website manager, by which we could provide a complete CMS system out of the box.

Here you can find a list (in alphabetical order) about all people who were involved in the developement of the Tiny Marbles CMS:

Brito, Roberta:
Project administration

Carlucci, Andre:

Leusmann, Philipp:

Nicoletti, Bruno:
Development of the image library

Oliveira, José:

Reichel, Markus:
Architect & development of the website manager and the cms library, development Talos

Reis, Matheus:

Silveira, Tiago:
Architect & development of the libraries Talos and Luigi

Temps, Dietmar:
Project administration, documentation, development, support & maintenance

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