Manage permissions

The system administrator of Tiny Marbles CMS is able to grant permissions individually to zones, groups and users. Users, groups and users ars called 'Subject' in Tiny Marbles CMS. You can grant permissions on certain objects like articles, images, videos, etc ...  which are called 'Categories' in Tiny Marbles CMS.

For example you would like grant a user some permissions to handle images in the CMS. In this case you grant permissions on the Category Image to the Subject User. You can either grant Single Permissions ('upload image', 'crop image', 'delete image', ...), or you can combine a set of Single Permissions to a Permission Group, which is much simpler to handle.

The screenshot below demonstrates how to grant the on the Category Image for the Subject 'Dietmar Temps' (= User) the Permission Group systemadmin (from left box to right box): 

permissions01.png In practice it means, that the user 'Dietmar Temps' has all Single Permissions of the systemadmin to do something with images in the CMS. To check, which Single Permission are behind the systemadmin simply click on tab 'Simple' (right box, top) to see the list of Single Permission for 'systemadmin'.

Like this you could grant different permissions to each user. This is of course painful and a lot of work. Therefore it is much simpler to grant permission to a group instead to the user itself. The only thing you have to do, is to add the user to the group, and the user inherits all permission of the group.

By default Tiny Marbles CMS comes with 3 basic groups which are connected to the related Permission Groups:

  • Group 'System admin' is connected to the Permission Group 'systemadmin'
  • Group 'Content admin' is connected to the Permission Group 'contentadmin'
  • Group 'Editor' is connected to the Permission Group 'editor'

The following screen shows the Single Permissions of the group 'Editor' on the Category 'ArticleNews':


By default 'All categories' are mapped with these groups, like you can see in the control below:


That means, after installation of the whole system you can start immediately, you only have to create a new user, and add the user to one of the three groups ('System admin', 'Content admin', 'Editor'). If you need more, you customize the permissions by adding, deleting or changing the basic groups and Permission Groups.


Permission Groups

A Permission Group is a set of Single Permissions. The system comes default with the following three Permission groups:

  • systemadmin
  • contentadmin
  • editor

The user of the group 'System admin' which is connected to the Permission Group 'systemadmin' is allowed to add, change and delete Permission Groups. In the screnn below you see the control how to manage Permission group and the related Single Permissions: