Standalone version

The first steps to check out a new system like Tiny Marbles CMS should be as simply and painless as possible. Therefore we provide the 'standalone'-version. Download the 'standalone'-version of the Tiny Marbles CMS (website manager) first.

The 'standalone'-version comes with Jetty and three clicks are enough to start the system on your machine. The only thing you need is a database, for example a MySQL 5x installation. Create a  a database with the name 'wsm', the user='root' and password='root'.

Start and stop wsm standalone version
Unzip the downloaded 'standalone'-file. Open the directory and you see following structure:


To start wsm standalone application:
startup.bat (or startup.sh on linux)

Open your browser and go to: http://localhost/wsm (public) or http://localhost/wsm/admin (admin area)

Attention: Don't use '' in the browser unless you explicitly configured this URL in the admin area of wsm: for that edit the zone and change the URL from 'http://localhost/wsm' to ''

To stop wsm:
stop.bat (stop.sh on linux)

The admin area (http://localhost/wsm/admin), sign in with the user 'admin' and the password 'admin':


The public area (http://localhost/wsm) looks like:



More detailed information about the standalone version

Here you get a deeper look into the system based on the 'standalone'-version:

Application name: wsm

The standalone version works by default with MySQL. The standalone version is also tested with MSSQL 2008 R2. You need a database with the name 'wsm' (user=root, password=root). In case you would like to change the database name and the username or password, edit the file 'application-context.properties' in the folder \web\WEB-INF\classes and change the following lines:


If you would like to use MSSQL uncomment the lines for MSSQL (don't forget to comment the lines for MySQL):

# MSSQL Example


Video converter FFmpeg
In case you would like to use the video upload in your standalone version, install the FFMpeg converter first on your machine. You can download FFMpeg here:


Specify the path to FFmpeg in the file 'config.properties' which you will find in the directory web\WEB-INF\classes, for example like this:

video.ffmpeg = [installation path]/ffmpeg.exe

The default search directory is c:\temp\search

If you would like to change, edit the file 'application-context.properties' in the folder \web\WEB-INF\classes and change the following lines:


Webserver, Port 80
By default the standalone version uses port 80, but you can change, for instance to port 8080. Edit the file 'jetty.xml' in the folder \jetty\etc and change the following line:

<SystemProperty name="jetty.port" default="8080"/>

Open your browser and go to: http://localhost:8080/wsm (public) or http://localhost:8080/wsm/admin (admin area)

Attention: If you use port another port than port 80 you have to configure this port in edit zone, otherwise the public part doesn't work correctly. Go to the admin area of wsm: edit the zone and change the URL from 'http://localhost/wsm' to 'http://localhost:8080/wsm'